As YOU plan to head off for the summer break, consider the environment and close down work spaces sustainably!

Below is a check list of things to do before you hit the beach:

  1. Defrost refrigerators and switch off at the power point (leave the door open and a newspaper on the floor to catch any excess water).
  2. Switch off all kitchen appliances.
  3. Survey labs and other spaces to determine what equipment can be switched off e.g. fume cupboards.
  4. Recycle Christmas cards by placing them in the paper recycling bin.
  5. Shut down and switch off all printers, scanners, fax machines and computers.
  6. Shut down your computer and ensure the monitor is off, then switch off at the plug.
  7. Switch off any unnecessary lights, including any Christmas decorations.
  8. Ensure all locally controlled air conditioning is switched off and all windows and doors are closed.
  9. Lastly, enjoy the summer break knowing your work environment is not wasting energy!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS from Eco and the Office of Sustainability!

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One Response

  1. Sandra Elborough says:

    I am currently resident in the Nexus 10 building where most of my colleagues have to rug up during Ecosummer due to the extremes of the air conditioning. It is not unusual on a 38deg day to see most of our staff wearing jumpers, leggings and jackets. So I for one will not be ditching the tie and jacket!

    The Powers that be do not seem to be able to control the air conditioning which somehow makes a mockery of conserving energy!