Lochiel Park Green Village Tours

LMC is responsible for the development of Lochiel Park Green Village located at Campbelltown, South Australia. As part of the development LMC has developed a Sustainability Centre with the support of the South Australian Government and operated in conjunction with the City of Campbelltown. As part of your course work and introduction to building and living sustainably we would like to invite you to visit the centre and the site to provide a first hand experience on future living.

Lochiel Park Green Village is an award winning sustainable urban development, which demonstrates that well-planned contemporary living can reduce ecological footprints while creating a sense of place in harmony with nature. There are a range of aspects in relation to sustainable development that may be relevant to your course and students that includes:

  • Efficient and sustainable water use.
  • Housing designs that work with nature.
  • Efficient energy and use of renewable energy.
  • A holistic approach to the environment, heritage and community.
  • Making the most of locally-produced materials.

Please ring us and we can help to facilitate your learning opportunities Lochiel Park offers a guided tour of a sustainable house and the development with its urban forest, wetlands, stormwater recovery infrastructure, community garden, indigenous art displays affordable housing, community garden and architectural design

Feel free to contact me while you design your program if you require more information or are looking for ideas via

Please visit our website for detailed information on the project

Make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to visit Lochiel Park. Please call 8207 1352 to make a booking.

Practical Information

– All visits and tours are FREE of charge.

– Allow 30-60 minutes for a guided tour.

– We are accepting bookings for the period from January to June 2011 on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday morning.

– Please call 8207 1352 to make a booking.

– There isn’t a canteen at Lochiel Park, but Geoff Heath Golf Café offers group menu deals on request and has a range of drinks and snacks available.

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2 Responses

  1. Ruby says:

    Do you know if the affordable housing is complete as yet? Eg, are people living there?

    • Libby Dowling says:

      Hi Ruby, yes there are many people living at Lochiel Park. Sounds like the community is using the technology well. If you would like more information or a tour contact Tania!