e-Recycling THIS Week!

e-Recycling is the responsible and ethical disposal and reuse of electronic equipment. Please take advantage of this event by recycling any University owned unwanted electronic equipment. Also, please pass this information on to other relevant people within your areas.


Next e-Recycling Event: 24 & 25 November 2011 – North Terrace, Waite and Roseworthy Campuses. Download the information pack here.

Please note: This event is for University owned electronic equipment only.


What can be e-Recycled?

Unwanted computer monitors, keyboards, TVs, microwaves, CDs, printers, servers, phones, radios, overhead projectors, fans – the list goes on! The general rule is, if it has a cord or a battery it can be e-recycled!

Why is it important to recycle electronic waste correctly?

Hazardous materials are found in electrical items such as lead, mercury, beryllium, cadmium, lithium and phosphor among others. In landfill, these substances can be released into our surrounding ecosystem. In addition to the health and environmental problems, if electrical items end up in landfill, valuable materials and non-renewable resources such as metal, plastic, glass and precious metals are lost.


Please note: Changes in Australia’s National Waste Policy (Product Stewardship Legislation) will see TV’s and computer equipment recycled through specific transfer stations in the future. This means next year’s event will run differently, we will keep you posted. Electronic waste to landfill will be banned legally in 2013.


Please contact the Ecoversity team here if you have any questions. Find out more about e-Recycling on our website.


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