SWITCH – Discover the Future of Energy

Is hydraulic fracturing polluting our water? How dangerous is nuclear? Will we run out of oil? Can we clean up coal? Will renewables power our future? Get the straight answers to today’s most important energy questions in Switch, the acclaimed new documentary and web video series.

Film screening of SWITCH will be playing at the University of Adelaide, Scott Theatre, March 12 at 6pm

Q&A Session will follow with Director Harry Lynch

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In Switch, energy visionary Dr. Scott Tinker travels the world, exploring leading energy sites from coal to solar, oil to biofuels, most of them highly restricted and never before seen on film. He seeks the truth from the international leaders of government, industry and academia. In the end, he cuts through the confusion to discover a path to our energy future as surprising as it is practical.

Watch the trailer here:

Switch will screen at 250 universities across the globe as part of the GSA Switch Energy Awareness & Efficiency Program, which also includes a campus ambassador program and efficiency drive.

Building on a successful US theatrical and university run, Switch premieres in Australia March 10‐17, 2013. Director Harry Lynch will be at the University of Adelaide screening and others to introduce the film and lead a Q&A after.

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