Donate Laptops for Morocco’s Underprivileged Children

Soufiane Rboub is a staff member at the International Student Centre and is embarking on a project to collect unwanted laptops to send to underprivileged school children in Morocco’s rural areas.

“I believe in standard education as we know it but most importantly believe in providing the tools and opportunities to access education and information. There is a huge difference between the developed and underdeveloped countries in terms of accessing free sources of education, this is called the ‘Digital Divide’. I am hoping that by offering school children a laptop with pre-loaded education software, they will be able to gain access to information which will  allow them to unlock their skills and potential capabilities.” – Soufiane Rboub

If you would like to help Soufiane in this great project by donating a laptop, please contact him at or by contacting Dutch Association (Solidari sans Frontieres) via Facebook: who are assisting in distributing school bags to children in the rural areas of Morocco.

All data will be erased and loaded with Free education software before they are sent to Morocco.




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