Living Building Conversations June 25

Living Building Conversations #1

Wednesday, June 25th, 12-1pm

Adelaide City Library – Level 3, 77 Rundle Mall, Adelaide


Event Description:

The aim of the ‘Living Building Conversations’ event is to tease out what are the current possibilities and barriers toward creating truly regenerative built environments.  The conversations will be guided by the performance standards of the Living Building Challenge, which is a philosophy, advocacy tool and certification program that addresses development at all scales.  Asking us to envision a future that is “Socially Just, Culturally Rich and Ecologically Restorative”, the purpose of the Living Building Challenge is straightforward – it defines the most advanced measure of sustainability in the built environment possible today and acts to diminish the gap between current limits and ideal solutions.

In this upcoming event we will focuse on the Water Petal of the Living Building Challenge, the intent of which looks to realign how people use water and redefine water as a respected and precious resource.  The Challenge envisions a future whereby all developments are configured based on the carrying capacity of the site: harvesting sufficient water to meet the needs of a given population while respecting the natural hydrology of the land, the water needs of the ecosystem the site inhabits, and those of its neighbours.  This is striven for through mandating 100% of the project’s water needs are supplied by captured precipitation or other natural closed loop water systems, and/or by recycling used project water, and must be purified as needed without the use of chemicals.  All stormwater and water discharge, including grey and black water, must be treated onsite and managed either through re-use, a close loop system, or infiltration.

Invited guest panelists will discuss how plausible and applicable it is to create water self sufficient buildings/neighbourhoods within the Adelaide and South Australian context.

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