Inaugural Mentor Teachers Awards

The inaugural Mentor Teachers Awards Evening was held on Monday 28 July 2010. On the night, teachers, principals and student coordinators from over 20 Schools in both Metropolitan and Regional Areas were in attendance.

The evening was about recognising the growing importance of these mentors to teaching students’ education.

This year, the University of Adelaide has placed 460 teaching students in schools right across the state for practical experience. More than 200 of those were hosted by 113 schools in first semester.

“Mentor teachers in schools are valued very highly as collaborators in the education of our student teachers,” says Professor Tania Aspland, Head of the University of Adelaide’s School of Education.

“Their professional knowledge and experience, and the generous guidance and support which they give to student teachers, is worthy of recognition. These mentors give up a lot of their time to assist our students and we want them to know that their work is of great value.”

During their five-week practicum, University of Adelaide student teachers were asked to nominate a mentor who was outstanding in any one of four categories:

  • Inspiration: the Mentor Teacher who fuelled the student teacher’s passion for the teaching profession;
  • Knowledge: the Mentor Teacher who demonstrated a wealth of information on all aspects of teaching;
  • Support: the Mentor Teacher who showed support above and beyond what was expected of them; or
  • Role-model: the Mentor Teacher who modelled all the attributes, beliefs, and qualities desired in an education professional.

The winners were

Inspiration Tracy Bellamy from Murray Bridge High School
Knowledge Penny Collins from Annesley College
Support Shane Rowett from Naracoorte High School
Role-Model Mei French from Our Lady of the Sacred Heart College
(joint winners) Joelene Anderson from Jamestown Community School

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