2011 Mentor Teacher Awards

The School of Education’s, Mentor Teacher Awards Night is our way of recognising and celebrating the professional knowledge, experience and the generous guidance and support Mentor Teachers give to our student teachers. These mentors give up a lot of their time to assist our students and we want them to know that their work is of great value.

Our 4th Year B.Teach, Graduate Diploma and Music Education students participate in two five-week practicums at DECS, Independent and Catholic Schools throughout South Australia and internationally. For the second year we have asked our University of Adelaide student teachers to nominate mentor teahcers who were outstanding in any one of the four categories:

  • Inspiration: the Mentor Teacher who fuelled the student teacher’s passion for the teaching profession;
  • Knowledge: the Mentor Teacher who demonstrated a wealth of information on all aspects of teaching;
  • Support: the Mentor Teacher who showed support above and beyond what was expected of them; or
  • Role-model: the Mentor Teacher who modelled all the attributes, beliefs, and qualities desired in an education professional.
INSPIRATION Michell Merritt ST Paul’s College Joshua McDermid
KNOWLEDGE Rhiannon Howell Edward John Eyre High School Whyalla Megan Spirat
SUPPORT Anna Legge Modbury High School Christopher Bentick
ROLE-MODEL Charlie Roberts Scotch College Nicolas Maxwell
OUTSTANDING ACADEMIC ACHIEVEMENT Music Faculty Brighton High School Ruth Bormann
OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO TEACHER EDUCATION Sister Margaret Cresp Mary MacKillop College Virginia Thompson



  • A teacher who takes a personal interest in the success of each student and will even support those students who she is not teaching.
  • A tremendous leader amongst staff.
  • Always ensuring that she has up-to-date curricula and resources.
  • She is extremely well respected by the students who can clearly see the effort she makes.

“I hope that I am able to emulate her teaching in my own career.”

  • A highly experienced and skilled teacher.
  • Staff and students of the school told me that she is the “best teacher in the school”.
  • Spends a great deal of time encouraging and supporting students who are in and outside of her classes and assists other teachers to improve their teaching practices.
  • Provides thorough explanations and gets excellent results from her students.
  • Committed to lifelong learning..

“Working with her and receiving her advice, support and feedback made me certain that I can be a competent teacher and will strive to match her level of excellence throughout my teaching career.”


  • Upon completing a fantastic 5 weeks of teaching with my Mentor, the crazy I observed at the start made a lot more sense, and I found there was a great deal of method to her madness.
  • Like an organisational machine.
  • All the anxieties and confusion I had over the new SACE and the sheer quantity of knowledge needed to teach all the different courses disappeared within the first week.
  • Always ready to answer any questions and late night emails or texts I sent her.

“I hope that one day I too shall be handing out seemingly crazy requests to students of my own, but for now that my appreciation of her dedication is recognised officially just as she deserves.”

  • A fantastic source of knowledge for a beginning student.
  • This was her first year at a new school and she still was generous enough to take on a very inexperienced teacher in myself for three subjects.
  • Vast experience and knowledge not only of the curriculum but also of interactions between teachers was invaluable.
  • Incredibly helpful with classroom management techniques which was shared with me.

“I hope that when I gain in experience I will have obtained half the level of understanding and knowledge that she has.”


  • From day one she approached her role as a mentor with infectious enthusiasm, attention to detail and high expectations.
  • By the end of the practicum I could feel my passion for teaching had grown and my teaching had improved beyond my expectations.
  • Provided me with tremendous support both inside and outside the classroom and my prac experience would not have been as positive as it was without her enthusiastic and thorough approach to mentoring.

“In short she showed me not only how to be a good teacher, but also how to be a good mentor.”

  • Complete, comprehensive support of myself and my decisions over the duration of the practicum.
  • Including types of activities, topics covered in my classes, behaviour management and set up of the class.
  • Listened to all ideas before talking through which he felt would work best and making suggestions that I could incorporate into my classes.
  • Showed genuine concern in making me feel more confident about how classes went and about my progress as a teacher.

“I feel truly fortunate to have had him as a mentor teacher.”


  • Inspired me to definitely pursue the path of teaching after this year. Observing his classes was inspiring as the rapport that he has with his students is amazing. He generously shared his prepared sheets and assignments with me to utilise during lessons.

“I hope that in the future when I have my own class that I will be able to model it on my Mentor Teachers and produce the fantastic relationships with students that are essential to a positive learning environment.”

  • My Mentor displays an extremely professional attitude consistently, and always genuine, warm and friendly.
  • Models excellent teaching practice.
  • Respected by students and using innovative teaching methods to inspire her pupils to perform to the best of their abilities.

“The time I have been able to spend with my Mentor Teacher has certainly made me a stronger, more confident teacher and I could never have imagined a mentor teacher being a more positive or supportive role-model.”

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