Maths Hysteria: Dr Peggy Lynch on educating Australia’s teachers

Dr Peggy LynchWhy is the mere mention of mathematics enough to terrify some people? What happened to (some of) us in our formative years to make us blacklist maths for life? Did your maths teacher wear a safari suit with knee length ribbed socks and brown sandals? In any event, many of us have a love/hate relationship with maths. Yet, there are no two ways about it, we have to use mathematical skills in our everyday life.

School of Education’s researcher Dr Peggy Lynch aims to improve our children’s learning experience by providing school teachers with the tools they need to teach children in our nation’s classrooms. Peggy believes every child has the potential to enjoy learning maths and to understand why maths is relevant. Students who enjoy maths make well-rounded graduates and good problem solvers.

To learn more about Peggy’s research, check out the full article!

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