School of Education Gains Accreditation for Five Years

The School of Education’s reputation as a leading teacher education provider has been reinforced by the recent successful 5-year accreditation of its teaching degrees by the state’s accreditation authority.

The Teachers Registration Board of South Australia has accredited the School’s 4 undergraduate double degree teacher education programs and its inaugural Master of Teaching program from January 2017 to 31 December 2021.

“The School of Education at the University of Adelaide has a long and proud history of inspiring teacher education. It has played a substantial role in developing educational leaders who have contributed significantly in this state, interstate and overseas. This proud tradition is being further pursued in the contemporary field of teacher education in the secondary school context,” Head of School of Education, Dr Jan Keightley, said.

“As part of the accreditation process, the School spent a significant amount of time reviewing its degrees to ensure that the teacher education courses offered are contemporary and responsive to the changing demands of the teaching profession.”

“A focus on deep discipline knowledge and sound pedagogy remains at the heart of the School’s flagship double degree programs. This is what sets us apart from others. This advantage develops our emerging professionals with the capacity to inspire their students in secondary schools,” Dr Jan Keightley added.

Students enrolled in the School of Education’s undergraduate teacher education program can choose to combine the Bachelor of Teaching with bachelor degrees in either Arts, Science, Economics or Mathematics & Computer Sciences.

The School will also offer for the first time in 2017 the Master of Teaching program which has been accredited as a qualification that enables graduates to register as teachers. This is a two-year-equivalent program which will be offered by the School of Education in an accelerated mode, enabling students to graduate after 18 months if they wish to be market-ready earlier than the standard two years.

“Our students benefit from being taught Curriculum and Methodology by current practising school teachers who are regarded highly by their peers and are active in the relevant professional associations. These Curriculum and Methodology lecturers are a key component in ensuring our relevance to contemporary secondary education,” Dr Keightley said.

“This approach ensures that our students go out into the profession equipped with the latest knowledge and strategies to become successful classroom teachers in secondary schools.”

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Postgraduate coursework
If you are interested in a postgraduate masters degree then the Masters of Education provides current teachers, educators and senior administrators the scope to develop their expertise and broaden their knowledge in this exciting profession.
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