Bachelor of Teaching and Master of Teaching: Your Career Starts Now


Do you have a passion for Science, English, Mathematics, Languages, Geography, History, Economics or Accounting? Do you want to inspire and teach others about your chosen area of knowledge?

The School of Education at the University of Adelaide offers both undergraduate and postgraduate degree pathways that are recognised for teacher registration in all states of Australia and by teacher-employing authorities overseas.

The University of Adelaide is an innovative, research-intensive university. Consequently, there is a strong connection between research and discovery and the teaching curricula. Courses are informed by the latest research findings and knowledge, meaning degrees and the topics studied are up-to-date and relevant.


Have you just completed year 12 or are you coming to study as a mature age student? If you have not completed a bachelor degree previously then the BACHELOR OF TEACHING is your pathway to your career as a Senior Secondary School Teacher.

A Bachelor of Teaching is combined with one of the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts:
    English, Geography, History, Languages, ESL, Economics, Psychology
  • Bachelor of Economics: Accounting, Economics, Business
  • Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences: Mathematics, Information Technology
  • Bachelor of Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics

The Bachelor of Teaching double degrees enable students to develop deep discipline knowledge while studying education theory and engaging in professional placements throughout the four years of study.

Practical in-classroom experience is an integrated part of each of these degrees, starting in your first and second years with classroom observations and in your fourth year three placements that build upon your theory knowledge and allow for your hands-on development of classroom practice.

This option will close NO EARLIER than Monday 05 December 2016 but after that date it may close without notice. You are encouraged to apply without delay.


Do you have a Bachelor’s degree from an Australian University or approved International University? If yes then the MASTER OF TEACHING is your pathway to your career as a Secondary School Teacher. This program is equivalent to a standard two years of full-time study. The accelerated program is able to be completed by students in a full-time duration of 1.5 years..

This degree is suitable for those wishing to become Senior Secondary School Teachers, or those entering post-secondary educational institutions and those professions that may benefit from a study of the theory and practice of education.

Curriculum The courses taught cover issues in education such as professional practice, Learning and motivation; the social context of education; student-teacher interaction; and curriculum and assessment in the Australian context. Student undertake studies in curriculum areas related to their undergraduate qualifications and teaching specialisations and complete two full-time supervised teaching blocks in South Australian schools totalling 65 days.  In the second of your degree, students complete a significant practice-based research project.

Areas of Specialisation:  To complete the Master of Teaching program, students must enrol in tow teaching areas.

English: English, Senior English
Humanities: Geography, History, Senior History
Languages: Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Spanish, Modern Greek, Vietnamese,
Other Languages
ESL: English as a Second Language
Business Studies: Accounting, Business Studies, Economics
Music: Classroom Music, Instrumental Music
Information Technology: Information Technology
Mathematics: Mathematics, Senior Mathematics
Science: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Agricultural Science, Science
Psychology Psychology

If you would like more information regarding our accredited teacher training courses:
See Degree Finder Entry Requirements for SATAC information.

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