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ABSTRACT: This paper outlines the evolution of a professional teacher-focussed community of practice (CoP) from a partnership between Linda Westphalen and Jarrod Johnson in 2015-16, to a link between the University of Adelaide, School of Education and Pulteney Grammar in a professional development ‘clinic’ which provides academic support for teachers writing for publication, individual and collaborative research, pedagogic/assessment innovations and technologies in teaching practice. Pre-service teachers at the school are also offered a chance to participate for the duration of their practicum. This expansion began in February 2017 and involves up to 13 teachers in the pilot program, with this to be further expanded at a later date to include all staff as they become engaged with the research culture. Designed as a responsive and pragmatic face to face and online CoP (see Wenger 2006), Professionals at Pulteney (P@P) aims to have a positive impact on student learning and staff academic profiles, and, as such, meets the Professional Development required of teachers under Standard 6 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (APST).  P@P will showcase individual teacher achievements at ATEA 2017, ATEA 2018, online via the Pulteney Grammar School website and at a Middle School Teacher Conference scheduled for September 2018, coinciding with the opening of a new Middle School building, so as to provide an opportunity for broader impact on teacher-colleagues and the education community. This partnership and the associated paper(s) explore the process and impacts of scaffolded teacher self and peer development, research, innovation and creative output, and how evidence of this development can be made explicit and accessible to others. An additional aim is to model a ‘teacher growth mindset’ where teachers identify and pursue their own learning needs, as well as teacher-lecturer partnerships that have tangible, pragmatic and best-practice outcomes for both Schools to others.
Wenger, E. (2006) ‘Communities of practice: A brief introduction’  Accessed 15/2/2017

BIOGRAPHY: Linda Westphalen Education Specialist, University of Adelaide:
Working in a School of Education has meant that teaching is not only Linda’s professional role, it is also her subject matter. A teacher for 30 years, Linda is a national Office of Learning and Teaching Citation winner in 2012, and a 2008 Winner of the Dean of Professions’ Prize for Excellence in Postgraduate Teaching. Linda’s current teaching is in the areas of culture, diversity and inclusion, pedagogy and engagement, and student safety and well-being. From 2009 to the end of 2015, she coordinated the School of Education’s Teacher Education Programs, a role she relinquished to go on long service leave in the first half of 2016.

In a new phase of her career as an Adelaide Academy Education Specialist, Linda looks forward to the challenge of new pathways in her teaching areas, as well as innovation and online learning in the School of Education. She has been instrumental in developing the School’s capstone assessment requirement in Teacher Education, the ePortfolio. She has also had a key role in conceiving and establishing the School’s Masters of Teaching. Linda’s keen interest in collaborating with teachers in schools to foster their professional development has led to an ongoing partnership with Staff at Pulteney Grammar School (as per APST Standard 6). Teaching, she contends, is the best, most rewarding job there is.

BIOGRAPHY: Jarrod Johnson Assistant Head of Middle School, Teaching and Learning, Pulteney Grammar, SA
Jarrod Johnson is a teacher and lecturer in ICT Integration. He first worked on Flipped Classrooms with his “Stages of the Flipped Classroom” model and has presented at many conferences including Edutech and MobiLearn Conference, Singapore. Jarrod uses a range of digital tools and technology to enhance his lessons and, through his online lectures, passes on the use of these tools to the final year teaching students at the University of Adelaide. Jarrod is a passionate teacher of Science and Digital Technologies and his students have the opportunity to build iPhone Apps and Robots, create printed 3D models of shipping container housing, practice their drone flying skills, and build VR computer games.

Dr Linda Westphalen: Learn more about Dr Westphalens’ teaching, affiliations, research and contact details here

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