TMERG SEMINAR 6: Dr Steven Barrett: Value added measures as an approach to identifying effective teachers.


Date: Thursday 13, July 2017
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
Where: 706MBA Suite, Level 7, Nexus Building, 10 Pulteney Street.

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SEMINAR 6: Value added measures as and approach to identifying effective teachers.
SPEAKER: Dr Steven Barrett:
PhD (Economics: University of Adelaide) DEd (Flinders University)  Contact Details

Eventbrite - Transdisciplinary Measurement & Evaluation Research Group (TMERG) Seminar 6 2017


People undertake education and training for a variety of reasons. From the perspective of an economist, the reason is to acquire human capital. Human capital benefits individuals in terms of higher life time earnings and enhanced life choices. Human capital befits society through increased production and a more equitable distribution of income.

But how do we measure the acquisition of human capital? Traditionally we view teachers as the primary vehicle through which people acquire human capital. In its most basic form effective teachers add more value than non-effective teachers. Consequently, we need to identify effective quality teachers and reward them accordingly.

It is argued that value added approaches can be used to identify effective teachers and quality teaching. In reality it is not as easy as this because student performance, a measure of the value added by an educational experience, is an outcome of a complex interactions between students, contextual factors (including home, classroom and school), assessment items/tasks and teachers. Moreover, the valued added by an education process also depends on the context within which it occurs. All of which has implications for education policy. This presentation highlights current developments in value-added modelling and processes used to identify and recognise effective teaching.


Dr. Steven has a Doctorate of Education from Flinders in which he focused on educational measurement and educational policy, as well as a Doctor of Philosophy in Labour Economics from Adelaide. He has over three decades experience teaching economics and is currently a visiting lecturer in the School of Economics at the University of Adelaide. In the past Steven has published in the area of economics education. Since completing his PhD in 2010 Steven has been attempting to integrate his two areas of doctoral studies. To this end he been exploring issues related to the economics of education.

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