Congratulations Graduating Students

September 2017 Graduations School of Education

The School of Education is proud to congratulate our outstanding students who have today graduated their B.Teaching/B.Arts, B.Teaching/B.Science , and Graduate Diploma of Education Degrees. Along with our students who will be shortly joining the Teaching Profession as Registered Teachers we congratulate twelve Master of Education graduates with two from our Singapore campus graduating today also.

We are also very proud to celebrate the achievements of our three newly graduated PhD candidates:

Dr Alessandro Lovat: Thesis Title: Attrition and New Entry Pathways: Factors Contributing Toward Attrition for Students Entering an Australian University through New VET Entry Pathways. Supervisors: Dr Igusti Darmawan, Prof Tania Aspland, Dr Chad Habel, Prof John Keeves

Dr Judith Thomas: Thesis Title: From Southern Sudan to Adelaide: Learning Journeys of Refugee Secondary Students. Supervisors: Dr Margaret Seacombe, Dr Nina Maadad

Dr Kenneth Young: Thesis Title: Perspectives of Preservice Teachers on the Roles of Secondary School Teachers in Queensland: An Interpretivist Study Supervisors: Prof Tania Aspland, Dr Anthony Potts

We wish to congratulate and wish our graduate students success in their future careers, research and studies.

Some photos of our Graduates, Supervisors and well wishers.

Prof Fay McCallum Mr Peter Trieu (B.Teaching) Dr Linda Westphalan 2 Catherine Cutts Faye McCallum2 2 Current PhD's Graduants HoS & Supervisor

2 Kenneth Young Tania Aspland Alex Lovat 2 Dr Margaret Seacombe Dr Judith Thomas 2 Dr Linda Westphalen Dr John Willison



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