TMERG 9: Multi-level Growth Model: Root Caries among Australians & Exploring the link between disease diagnosis with morbidity and mortality.


Date: Friday, 20th October 2017
Time:11:00am – 12:00pm
Where: Kevin Marjoribanks SMaRTE Room, Level 8 Nexus Building, Pulteney Street.

Eventbrite - Transdisciplinary Measurement & Evaluation Research Group (TMERG) Seminar 9 2017

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SPEAKER ONE: Dr Ninuk Hariyani, PhD Candidate, Adelaide Dental School – UoA, Master of Public Health, UoA, Doctor of Dental Surgery, Airlangga University Indonesia. 

Time Trend and Associated Behavioural Factors of Root Caries among Australians – a Multi-level Growth Model

Abstract: Root caries has increased as a clinical problem in recent decades. However, the time trend of root caries has not been quantified. The aims of this study were to quantify 11 year trends of root caries experience in elders and to examine behavioural factors associated with root caries.

Methods: A secondary analysis was undertaken using data collected in four waves (baseline, 2 year, 5 year and 11 year) of the South Australian Dental Longitudinal Study which began in 1991/92. The study group consisted of a stratified random sample of people aged 60+ years at baseline. A total of 358 participants with complete oral examinations in all four waves were included. The examinatins were performed by trained and calibrated dentists. Baseline behavioural factors (tooth brushing frequency, flossing frequency, dental visiting pattern, reason for dental visiting and tobacco smoking status) and time in years across the four waves were the main exposures. Baseline clinical oral conditions (gingival condition and gingival recession), demographic and soci-economic status served as covariates. Root caries was measured as mean number of untreated root surface (root DS) and decayed/filled root surfaces (root DFS) at each wave of examinations. Multivariable multilevel linear regression analysis was used to get an estimate for the time trend and associated oral health related behaviour adjusting for all the covariates.

SPEAKER TWO: Dr Rahul Nair, PhD Candidae, Adelaide Dental School, UoA, MS in Dental Public Health, The University of Iowa, USA, Master of Public Health, Western Kentucky University, USA, Manipal Academy of Higher Ed, Mangalore, India, Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

Exploring the link between disease diagnosis with morbidity and mortality. An example using dental caries (Cavities in teeth) diagnosis.

Abstract: A diagnosis does not always lead to an impact on the individual’s quality of life or lifespan, then what are the implications of such uncertainty? This concept was explored, and a systematic search was carried out to asess the conceptual framework needed to rationalize diagnosis and treatment with dental caries.
Much of the evidence-base for clinical diagnosis of dental caries is drawn from cross-sectional studies. Such studies are limited to assessment of one or more index tests of interest to replicate the results of a reference standard or gold standard. Such studies require a reference standard that can reliably distinguish people who are suffering from a disease versus those who are not suffering from that disease. Theoretical and practical limitations of reference standards for clinical diagnosis of dental caries have been discussed, thus necessitating diagnostic clinical trials for high-qualitiy evidence regarding their potential usefulness and harms.

Professional Experience:
2008 – June 2015: National University of Singapore, Singapore -Assistant Professor
2005 – 2007: Iowa Fluoride Study, Iowa City, IA – Graduate Research Assistant
2004 – 2005: IRHDR Bowliing Green, KY – Graduate Assistant
2004: Department of Public Health Bowling Green, KY – Graduate Assistant.

Further Information:
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Assoc Prof. Sivakuma Alagumalai (TMERG coordinator)
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