Congratulations and Thank You: Mentor Teacher & Student Awards 2017

There was a distinct buzz in the air last Friday evening as award winners, family members and well-wishers gathered at Rumours Café, University of Adelaide for the 2017 School of Education Awards Evening.

The evening acknowledged our outstanding pre-service teachers in various categories and also recognised many of our mentor teachers and the schools that support the Professional Experience program.

The School of Education thanks the Mentor Teachers who had hosted our Bachelor of Teaching pre-service teachers in First, Third, & Fourth Year, and our Graduate Diploma and Master of Teaching pre-service teachers. We thanks the mentor teachers for having our pre-service teachers in their classrooms and generously sharing their knowledge and experience.

In the lead-up to the awards, the teaching students had the opportunity to nominate their Mentor Teacher for an award. The panel this year received a record 64 teacher nominations from across the government and non-government school sectors in the categories of “Knowledge”, “Support”, “Inspiration” and “Role Model”. From this number, 13 teachers were honoured for their outstanding contributions towards mentoring our pre-service teachers.

Winners for each category are:

Inspiration: the Mentor Teacher who fuelled the student teacher’s passion for the teaching profession; Primary School: Judith Fenton, Kilkenny Primary School Regional Secondary School: Caroline Davey, Grant High School Secondary School: Rosanne Wolfendale, Hope Christian College

Knowledge: the Mentor Teacher who demonstrated a wealth of information on all aspects of teaching; Primary School: Peti Foumakis, East Adelaide Primary School Regional Secondary School: Beth Hector, Maitland Area School Secondary School: Margarita Patleologos, Norwood Morialta High School

Support: the Mentor Teacher who showed support above and beyond what was expected of them; Primary School: Carli Ramsey, Parkside Primary School Regional Secondary School: Cyrus Weir, Roxby Downs Area School Secondary School: Aaron Whenan, Trinity College

Role-model: the Mentor Teacher who modelled all the attributes, beliefs, and qualities desired in an education professional. Primary School: Heather Douglas, East Adelaide Primary School Regional Secondary School: Kate Fitzgerald, Booleroo Centre District School Secondary: Ryota Kikuchi, Tyndale Christian School

Team Award: St John’s Grammar, Deb Woodard-Knight coordinator

Student Awards:

It was also an opportunity to recognise some outstanding students.

P.H Routley Award: presented by Peter Routley to Donna Nguyen.

Smolicz Languages Education Travel Award: presented by Dr Margaret Secombe to Jonathon Bennallack.

Esther Burns Scholarship: presented by Faye McCallum to Harrison Rowntree, Daniel Markey, Liam Hay, Briana Lush, Thomas Mildren, Shane Hickey.

Australian Education Union: presented by Ann Clarke to Brianna Lush.

Independent Education Union: present by Tim Oosterbaan to Shauna Hockley.

Credit Union SA Award: presented by Peter Dinan to Brianna Lush.

The School wishes to thank all contributors to the Professional Experience program at the University of Adelaide including Coordinators, Principals, Supervisors and Teaching and School Staff for their ongoing support. The event also celebrated our alumni connections; a number of our Mentor Teachers are alumni of the University of Adelaide, who genuinely and generously shared their knowledge of teaching to our pre-service teachers.

Some photos from the evening

PH Routley Award_Donna Nguyen Linda and Guests Judith Fenton Kilkenny PS Gabrielle Kelly & Shauna Hockley Deb WoodardKnight St Johns Cyrus Weir Roxby Downs AS Carli Ramsey Parkside PS Brianna Lush Thomas Mildren_Esther Burns Brianna Lush Credit Union SA Beth Hector Maitland AS Aaron Whenan Trinity College


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