Student Spotlight: Japanese culture meets secondary teaching.

Student Spotlight

Adrian Smitham, Bachelor of Teaching with Bachelor of Arts

“Come to the University of Adelaide with an open mind and a friendly handshake. The University of Adelaide can be the platform for you to see the next step in your life, wherever it may be in the world.”
Adrian Smitham, Bachelor of Teaching

Why did you choose your degree?

Throughout my short life, I had thought of many avenues. Until I began being a role model to teens with my band, I realised I could try to make a difference in their lives. This is where becoming a teacher came to mind.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

I had friends who were doing an exchange with the University of Adelaide from Japan, this motivated me to make friends from many countries. The University of Adelaide has an amazing environment for doing so.

What do you enjoy about your degree/time at uni? 

I found that lecturers were friendlier than anticipated and the learning was pretty self-driven, which gives meaning to the phrase “you only get out, what you put in”. I also love being able to meet people from many backgrounds and occupations.

How has what you’ve learned in your degree impacted your life so far and how do you hope it will help you in your future?

I think that University has given me the tools to learn from what I choose to discover, it gave me the ability to analyse the world around me.

Have you undertaken a global learning experience or Arts Internship whilst studying at the University?

I am participating in the global IQ Experience and I am hoping to do an exchange to Japan for a year. I believe I can attain some sense of self, while coming back with the knowledge I can share with my colleagues. The majority of my motivation to attend university was the possibility to study abroad.

What are your career aspirations after university?

I would love to be a positive influence for young people who feel ‘lost,’ similar to how I felt in high school. I believe that being able to go overseas and experience the world through working with young people will give me a perspective like no other. I would enjoy providing guidance on how to achieve their future aspirations.

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