Student Spotlight: Tania aspires to teach English and Psychology.

Student Spotlight

Tania Zebian, Bachelor of Teaching with Bachelor of Arts

“Undertaking my teaching degree has been an intensive, yet invaluable learning experience. Not only have I been equipped with a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills as an innovate English and Psychology teacher, but I have developed positive interpersonal and intrapersonal qualities which will support my personal and professional life aspirations.”

Tania Zebian

Why did you choose your degree?

My decision of undertaking the B.Teaching/B.Arts degree was solely based on my passion in the subject areas of English and Psychology. Stemming back from Year 12 and flourishing in these subject areas, I always intended to become a teacher, as I would always find myself in situations whereby I would teach others by simplifying concepts which facilitated reciprocal learning. Therefore, I chose an education degree which would enable me to gain more theoretical knowledge and practical experience in my areas of specialisation in order to become an effective teacher, who thrives on student-teacher interaction, fosters wellbeing, implements diverse teaching strategies, and caters for different types of learners. Not only do I wish to pursue further study to gain insight into improving educational practices, but I also hope to make a difference in the field of education from beyond the walls of the classroom.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

With the future objective of progressing in further studies in educational research, I chose the University of Adelaide as it is one of Australia’s most research-intensive tertiary institutions and the beautiful campus offers an enlightening learning environment that is rich with architecture and history.

What do you enjoy about your degree/time at uni?

The most invaluable experience for me was the opportunity to go turn theory into practice. For example, we learnt about a range of teaching strategies to improve educational practices and then had the opportunity to go out on our teaching placements within schools and implement them in order to enhance student learning.

Alongside of my study, I immersed myself in the social aspect of Uni, as I was involved in the Adelaide University Ultimate Frisbee Club, Adelaide University Chess Club and several of volunteering roles (i.e. B. Teach Student Representative and Open Day Volunteer). This served as a refreshing break from studying as I socialised with my friends, found time to exercise despite my busy timetable, and became more community orientated.

How has what you’ve learned in your degree impacted your life so far and how do you hope it will help you in your future?

The professional knowledge, skills and experience obtained from my degree and teaching placements has shaped my overall ‘teacher identity’, which encompasses an individual who is creative, enthusiastic and open-minded to new teaching methods to support students in their future learning.

What are your career aspirations after university?

I tend to be open-minded to any career opportunity that arises involving work, travel, or further study within the field of education, so that I can broaden my knowledge and experience in improving my teaching practice.

What would you say to a prospective student interested in studying your degree at The University of Adelaide?

If you see yourself as a team-player who has patience, confidence, likes dealing with teenagers, has a resilient mindset, and is committed, then pursue the B.Teaching/B.Arts degree. If not, you may need to reconsider your career in the teaching profession.

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