Master of Education Student Spotlight

Adam Jones, Master of Education

“I spent a year and a half doing Master of Education at the University of Adelaide and every moment was worth it. I have refreshed my knowledge and added much more to it. Now, I’m considering a higher degree by research.”
Adam Jones

Why did you choose your degree?

To improve my skills as a teacher and make a difference to the education of my students.

Why did you choose to study at the University of Adelaide?

University of Adelaide is the top university in South Australia. Staff are very supportive, and the university facilities are great. I also needed a flexible Masters degree in Education where I could choose the areas of studies without being stuck in one certain theme for the entire degree.

What do you enjoy about your degree/time at uni? 

There is a range of different study areas to choose from, I was also able to attend the lectures after work.

Did you come to university from school or work?

I have been working as a part time teacher (4 days a week) and the fifth day was the day I was assigned for my studies. It went very well and I was able to finish my assignments on time. Teachers were very supportive and understanding of my circumstances at times.

How has what you’ve learned in your degree impacted your life so far and how do you hope it will help you in your future?

It has really helped me as I have improved my teaching practices and broadened my expertise as a school teacher. The success I have achieved in the master degree has triggered my ambitions to continue studying and doing PhD in Education.

What next?

Obtaining Master of Education made it much easier to compete in the work force and get a very good job at one of the leading schools.

What would you share with someone who is considering the same degree?

It is a great choice to join the University of Adelaide, not just for the great education but also the location in the city of Adelaide. It is easily accessible by public transport and close to the botanical gardens and Torrens river where I used to go for a walk in between lectures. You will also make many friends from all over the globe who came to Adelaide only to study at here.

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