Master of Education Student Spotlight

Ukhfi Thursina, Master of Education

Ukhfi Thursina

Gaining an undergraduate degree is not always enough, as education is always evolving. Being an educated person leads me to increase my awareness. There are a lot of things that need to be done in regards to improving education in Indonesia. Therefore, I want to make a change in my country through education.

I first found out about the Master of Education degree at the University of Adelaide when I attended an education exhibition at home in Indonesia. I have a Bachelor of English Literature and I do not have a teaching background. However, when I spoke to an agent at the exhibition, he told me about the Master of Education and advised that I would be eligible to apply. He said it could help me work towards my goal of being employed by the Ministry of Education in Indonesia.

I wasn’t familiar with Adelaide, so I looked up the University of Adelaide website to find out more. I was impressed to find that it is one of the “Group of 8”, therefore one of Australia’s top universities. Adelaide itself appealed to me as it is not too large, a very similar size to my city back home. It is a warm, friendly city and you can ride your bike most places.

Adjustment was difficult at first as this was my first time studying in another country and I have never studied with people from other cultures before. Also, understanding the Australian accent was difficult at first, and sometimes it was hard to understand lecturers in class. I takes time, but my English has now improved as a result of this.

What I found very interesting was that in Australia, lecturers are addressed by their first names. This is not the same in Indonesia, where it is more formal.

The University of Adelaide offers me several courses which will give me life skills. The facilities are sophisticated, all staff are very friendly and always help the students to gain an understanding in each lesson. The university also allows me to be involved in a number of programs and activities designed to welcome and students to the university and get them involved.

Studying the Master of Education degree at the University of Adelaide has given me a new perspective on how to solve problems. Every lecturer has their own style in delivering the course. Group work is one of my favourite learning processes, as I can interact with other students and share knowledge with each other. Some of my lecturers have been so influential to me, and I have learned teaching techniques that I would like to use in my future career in Education.



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