TMERG Workshop #1 2018: April 12

Introduction to analysing large scale assessment data (PISA/TIMSS/PIRLS) using WesVar 5.1

Mr Ainun Najib Alfatih
MEd Program, School of Education – UofA

2014   Bachelor of Education(S.Pd) in Physics Education State University of Makassar, Makassar, Indonesia
2015 – 2016 Language Teacher (Indonesian)
Quantum Khatulistiwa Foundation (with International Organisation for Migrants): For refugee and asylum seeker in Unaccompanied Migrants Children’s Shelter, Makassar, Indonesia.
2013 – 2014 Academic Writing Organization Tutor
Athirah Senior High School (Private), South Sulawesi, Indonesia
2012 – 2014 Secretary, Students Research Institute of UNM, Makassar
Assistant: A/Prof Sivakumar Alagumalai

Date/Time: Thursday, 12 April 20189.30am – 12.30pm
Venue: Kevin Marjoribanks SMaRTE Room 812 (Level 8, Nexus Building) 


Sampling framework is a pertinent facet of research, and provides an understanding of (complex) sample designs. The results of analyses conducted with statistical software applications, which are based on the assumption of simple random sampling, could be misleading especially when the sample design incorporates stratification, nesting/clustering and multistage sampling. Missing data and the assignment of weights at various levels (for example, student, teacher/school, and country), if not scrutinised carefully, may confound analyses, associated inferences, and lead to erroneous conclusions. This workshop introduces complex sample designs, related statistical techniques and to address the concerns listed above.

The hands-on activities will utilise WesVar 5.1 (Westat, Inc.) for the following:

  1. Examine sampling framework, sample designs, missing data, and weights
  2. Setup of WesVar data file (moving data and variables from SPSS/SAS)
  3. Compute descriptive statistics
  4. Calculate mean score, standard errors and associated statistics
  5. Undertake t-test and interpretation of results
  6. Estimate strength of association (correlation coefficients)
  7. Undertake regression analysis and reporting (APA)
  8. Understand basic mediation and moderation effects through WesVar
  9. If you are using or planning to use international large scale assessment dataset (PISA, TIMSS, PIRLS, TALIS), this workshop will provide an understanding of methods and techniques used for their reports.

Software: Westat Inc. WesVar 5.1 [Register and download from work/information-systems/wesvar-support/download-wesvar]

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TMERG registration Workshop One

TMERG registration Workshop One

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