Visit by Zhejiang Zhuji Ronghuai Edcuation Group

A delegation from Zhejiang Zhuji Ronghuai Education Group, visited the School of Education, Monday 19th, November 2017.

The School of Education was delighted to host the delegation from Zhejiang Zhuji Ronghuai Education Group in preliminary discussions on possible future connections with the University of Adelaide and the School of Education. Collaboration and internship opportunities for Australian University Graduates, and the possibility for School of Education pre-service teachers to complete one of their practicum placements in China were discussed.

The Zhejiang Zhuji Rongai schools have 15,000 students and over a 1,000 staff.  The local government is supportive of International education programs and while they have 200 overseas students and a bilingual program for their students, they are looking to develop future partnership relationships with Australian Universities.

Discussions on future collaborations with the School of Education as a  partner school will assist them to set up an Australian education program with the school.

List of delegates from Zhejiang Zhuji Ronghuai School below;

XU, Shuangqing – Deputy General Manager of Ronghuai group
WENG, Guojun – General Principal
FU, Xianmiao – Deputy General Principal
XUAN, Tianming – Principal of Boutique High School
CAI, Luding – Principal of Boutique Junior High School
HUANG, Man – Principal of Boai Kindergarten
CHEN, Tingting – Deputy Principal of Boutique Primary School
TIAN, Haijun – Director of Administration Office of International School
Don Chen, Managing Director, Adelaide International School, Rundle Mall, Adelaide
Dr Peter Mickan, Visiting Research Fellow, University of Adelaide & Charles Darwin University; Curriculum Moderator, Adelaide International School
Dr Igusti Darmawan, Senior Lecturer and Associate Head (International) in the School of Education
Professor Faye McCallum, Head of School of Education
Assoc Professor Mathew White, Program Director, Master of Education, School of Education
Dr Brendan Bentley, Director of Partnerships and Engagement, Program Director Master of Teaching, School of Education

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