Research Seminar 28th November – Time-Domain Meshless Methods in Electromagnetics


Mrs. Z. Shaterian

Computational Electromagnetics is the science of numerically solving a complex set of Maxwell’s equations using limited computer resources. Electromagnetic simulations have become indispensable for designing of many devices such as radars, computer chips, mobile phone systems, etc, however there is still need for versatile method to address complex problems. Meshless methods are a new class of numerical methods in time-domain computational electromagnetics with several promising features compared to the mesh-based approaches. In meshless algorithms, rather than requiring an explicit mesh, the field values and their spatial derivatives are interpolated in a cloud of points. Therefore, complex geometries can be discretized more accurately by meshless methods compared to the other conventional numerical methods. Moreover, remeshing techniques in grid-based methods can be replaced in meshless counterparts by an adaptive node refinement during the simulation. This can be exploited to enhance solution accuracy or in optimization procedures.

In this seminar a meshless time-domain method based on radial basis functions is introduced. Numerical examples show how meshless methods can be used to discretize complex geometries efficiently. Also, the long time behaviour of Uniaxial Perfectly Matched Layers (UPML) is investigated and it is shown that how this instability can be avoided. Moreover, the vector potential technique is introduced as novel path to avoid staggered node distributions in meshless methods. Finally, the hybridization of staggered and non-staggered node distributions will be introduced.


Mrs. Zahra Shaterian received her Bachelor and Master of Engineering degrees in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Amirkabir University of Technology, Iran, in 2005 and K.N. Toosi University of Technology, Iran, in 2008, respectively. Currently, she is working towards her PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide, in the area of computational Electromagnetics. She was awarded an IEEE South Australia travel scholarship for 2012, and an IEEE Australian MTT/AP travel grant for 2013. Her research interests include computational electromagnetics, time-domain meshless methods and finite-difference time-domain analysis.

date and time Thursday 28th November, 2013

5.57 Ingkarni Wardli Building
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