Research Seminar 23rd October, Mr. C. Zhao – Approximation Methods for Cylindrical Posts in Rectangular Waveguides with Mode Matching Technique



Waveguide band-pass filters are essential components in millimeter-wave systems and in order to design such filters, many types of discontinuities, such as irises or E-plane metal inserts, are utilized in rectangular waveguides. Among these usual discontinuities, from a fabrication point of view, cylindrical posts placed in waveguides are more attractive.

In this seminar, the characteristics of multiple cylindrical posts placed in the cross section of a rectangular waveguide will be analysed based on the mode matching technique. Three methods to approximate the posts are introduced. The scattering parameter convergence of these approximation methods is investigated. In addition, the calculated results of a two-post structure are compared with full-wave simulations using ANSYS HFSS



Cheng Zhao obtained his bachelor’s degree from the School of Information Science & Engineering, Southeast University, China and his master’s degree from the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, the University of Adelaide in 2011.

He was awarded the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) pursue his PhD research in the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, the University of Adelaide. His research interest includes Mode Matching Method, the waveguide to microstrip transition, etc.

date and time Thursday 23rd October, 2014

B19 Ingkarni Wardli Building
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