T. Niu – Terahertz Broadband Reflectarray with Parallel Elliptical Dipoles, 18th June, 2015.



A resonant element consisting of three parallel elliptical dipoles is proposed for the design of a broadband reflectarray at 1 THz. The phase response of the proposed radiating element is reasonably linear and its gradient is constant over a wide frequency range. A subarray composed of 4 radiating elements with a progressive phase change is configured to deflect a normally incident plane wave into a predesigned direction.

The numerically simulated field distributions and radiation patterns at different frequencies in the terahertz range demonstrate that the designed reflectarray can perform as expected in a wide frequency band.



Tiaoming Niu received B. S. and M. S. degrees in information science and engineering from the Lanzhou University, China, in 2003 and 2011, respectively. In 2003-2008 she worked in China Telecom as an engineer. In 2011 she joined the school of electrical and electronic engineering at the University of Adelaide for her Ph. D study. She is currently involved in the research of terahertz reflectarrays and metamaterials.




date and time Thursday, 18th June, 2015

B21 Ingkarni Wardli Building (Basement)
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