C. Zhao, An Efficient Design Method for Band-Pass Post Filters in SIW Technology and the losses Analysis, 3rd December 2015



The characteristics of cylindrical post arrangements in the cross section of rectangular waveguides can be analyzed accurately and quickly with mode matching technique. Based on this technique, an efficient design approach for band-pass post filters in Substrate-Integrated Waveguide (SIW) technology will be introduced in this presentation. In addition, in order to investigate the various contributions of ohmic and dielectric losses affecting the performance, Six Chebyshev band-pass post filters in SIW technology are firstly designed with the introduced approach, and then simulated with a full-wave electromagnetic solver (HFSS). In particular, the influence on the insertion loss of the variations of the metal cladding and vias conductivity, the dielectric loss tangent and the thickness of the substrate is quantitatively analyzed. For validation, one prototype filter is fabricated to compare the simulations to experimental results.




Cheng Zhao obtained his bachelor’s degree from the School of Information Science & Engineering, Southeast University, China and his master’s degree from the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, the University of Adelaide in 2011. He was awarded the Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) pursue his PhD research in the School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, the University of Adelaide. His research interest includes mode matching method, band-pass filters and diplexers in SIW and FSIW technology, etc.





date and time Thursday, 3rd December, 2015

Polygon 3022 Barr Smith South
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