Student-led Teaching Awards – We have a winner!

The Student-led Teaching Awards, now in their second year, provide an opportunity for all students to have a say on what they value in teaching, and what they consider to be teaching excellence. Similarly to 2016, this year a panel of students from each faculty was convened and sorted through literally hundreds of nominations to find the most highly recommended teaching staff that had truly impacted the experience of the students in a lasting and positive way.

Congratulations to Ms Wendy Lee who has recently won this award!

Here are some of the reasons her students nominated her:

“Wendy is a kind and considerate person who very much deserves this nomination. She is always willing to help and provide feedback or support to all students. On top of this, she ensures that students understand the information at hand and will continue to assist if they are struggling to understand the concept.”

“When Wendy is explaining information, she is very clear and precise indicating that she knows the information well, also highlighting why she is an excellent instructor. She is also a very positive person which makes the practicals seem more efficient knowing that Wendy is there for support.”




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