1st Grid Transformation Professional Development Seminar on Microgrid Design and Battery Storage

While renewable energy is redefining the power and energy mix, the technological developments and power electronics systems are also transforming the power grid to a greater scale. Therefore, to respond to the grid transformation, power utilities, numerous industrial sectors and governments are seeking to build innovation, research and training capabilities.
This two-day seminar will draw on the experiences of the contributors, S&C, LG Chem and the University of Adelaide, to provide in-depth knowledge on the design of microgrids, starting with the feasibility study and business case development through concept design, detailed engineering design, procurement, installation, testing, and commissioning. In addition, network-scaled battery storage technologies and their integration issues will be covered in detail together with the extensive power quality and environmental level real-life data. For further information see Professional Microgrid and Battery Training Announcement

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