Abstract: Recent years have seen significant advances in light manipulation with ultrathin planar metasurfaces. The underlying mechanism is spatially varying phase discontinuity introduced by subwavelength resonators. Metallic resonators have commonly been used as a core component in metasurfaces so far. Recently we have shown that it is possible to replace metallic resonators with dielectric […]

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  Abstract: Frequency selective surfaces (FSSs) are usually formed by two-dimensional periodic arrangement of metallic elements on a dielectric substrate. Based on the geometry and arrangement of the metallic unit cell, the array might show different functionalities such as bandpass or bandstop spatial filter. The FSS functionality is mainly determined by its unit cell geometry […]

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Lennart Svensson CAE Systems IEEE 10th Feb   IEEE Control, Aerospace and Electronic Systems Chapter   Gaussian Filtering and Smoothing Using Posterior Linearisation   by Dr. Lennart Svensson Chalmers University of Technology Sweden       When: Wednesday, 10th of February 2016 Time: 4:10pm Where: B21 Ingkarni Wardli  Building.   More details of the event […]

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Dr S Davey CAE Systems IEEE 11th Feb   IEEE Control, Aerospace and Electronic Systems Chapter   Bayesian methods and the search for MH370   by Dr. Sam Davey National Security and ISR Division Defence Science and Technology Group, Australia     When: Thursday, 11th of February 2016 Time: 4:10pm Where: LG28 Lower Napier Building. […]

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  Abstract: Track-before-detect (TBD) is a statistical hypothesis testing technique that tests for the presence or otherwise, of a dynamic target using noisy and/or incomplete sensor measurements. Rather than making a detection decision directly from the observations, then handing relevant detection information to a model based tracker, TBD methods reverse this order of processing by […]

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Data released from the latest 2015 GradStats report show Electrical,  Electronic and Computer Engineers have the highest employment rate of all engineering graduates. The report show that over 78% of Electrical,  Electronic and Computer Engineering graduates seeking employment, had full time employment 4 months after graduating.

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In accordance with the University code of practice in relation to the employment of casual teaching staff, expressions of interest are now sought for tutors, demonstrators and markers in the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering for the following courses in Semester 1, 2016: ELEC ENG 1100 Analogue Electronics ELEC ENG 1010 Electrical and Electronic […]

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  Abstract: Dielectric resonators have seen increasing applications in optical metamaterial designs. The ability of nanoscale Dielectric Resonator Antennas (DRAs) to support electric and magnetic resonances at visible frequencies is critical for their efficient light manipulation, which leads to promising applications such as sensing, imaging, field enhancement, and integrated optics. This talk discusses the resonance […]

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Executive Director, Global Sales, Stephan Mavrakis of international company, Spectra QEST, recently commented as to why Spectra QEST continues to remain headquartered in Adelaide. “The reason why we’re not in Sydney, Melbourne, Chicago or New York is because in Adelaide we can find incredibly good talent – engineers – that we can get straight out […]

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Postgraduate student, Amir Ebrahimi has won the “Yarman-Carlin 1st student award” at the Mediterranean Microwave Symposium 2015. It was for the paper “Microwave Microfluidic Sensor for Determination of Glucose Concentration in Water”.

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