Congratulations to our Future Fellows

Associate Alan Cooper

Alan Cooper

Associate Professor Sean Connell

Sean Connell

Dr Phillip Cassey

Phillip Cassey

South Australia has recently been awarded 8 of the prestigious ARC Future Fellowships, 5 of these going to the University of Adelaide. Of the University of Adelaide recipients 3 are members of the Environment Institute.

Professor Alan Cooper (Australian Centre for Ancient DNA, University of Adelaide) – From Biodiversity to Health: Performing the first genetic audits of Australia.

Associate Professor Sean Connell (Marine Biology Program, University of Adelaide) – Kelp forest ecosystems near and far: Putting a new theory explaining dynamic ecological systems to the test.

Dr Phillip Cassey (Centre for Ornithology, University of Birmingham) – The evolution of species traits and spread during biological invasions.

Congratulations to Alan, Sean and Phillip for this well deserved accolade.

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