Congratulations to our ARC recipients.

Several Environment Institute members were sucessful in the recent round of Australian Research Council grant applications.

Discovery projects were awarded to

  • Dr Damien Fordham and Dr Barry Brook – Range dynamics and demographics of spatially structured populations under global change.
  • Prof Martin Lambert, Prof GA Kuczera, Dr MA Thyer and Dr AV Metcalfe – A new flood design methodology for a variable and changing climate.
  • Prof Graham Nathan, A. Prof BB Dally and Prof H Pitsch – Detailed understanding of the behaviour of soot in, and emission from, turbulent flames and fires.
  • Prof AR Simpson, Prof MF Lambert and Prof LB White – Frequency domain micro-reflection processing for pipe condition assessment.
  • Dr W Haak, Dr B Llamas, Dr L Quintana-Murci and Prof AL Hughes – A shipload of consequences: studying the impact of Old World diseases on native South American populations via ancient DNA.

Linkage projects were awarded to

  • A. Prof Bronwyn M Gillanders and Dr Travis S Elsdon- Linking fish recruitment and habitat use ecosystem processes.
  • Dr Jennie Fluin and Dr John Tibby – Establishing baseline ecological conditions for the Lower Lakes, South Australia: the applications fo palaeoecology to sustainable resource management.

Congratulations to all recipients.

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