Renewable energy powers SA councils

Listen to a case study presented by Roy Ramage.

The The City of Victor Harbor has recently launched a Research and Development program with the Environment Institute’s Centre for Energy Technology. This program will examine and produce a hybrid wind/solar energy system to be used for street lighting in Victor Harbor area. This comes in the wake of a solar panel rollout by the council in an effort to reduce the dependence on traditional energy sources. The City of Victor Harbor has enabled over 900 households to install solar panels via the Community Purchase of Renewable Energy Program (C-PREP) with the aid of ZEN Home Energy Systems.

At today’s Local Government Renewable Energy Forum, Mike Young, the Director of the Environment Institute along with members of the Centre for Energy Technology gave a panel discussion on the options for renewable energy sources and what the future holds for such technologies. The Economic Development Officer for the City of Victor Harbor, Roy Ramage, gave a talk on how the Victor Harbor Council is implementing and using renewable energies to power the area and the Centre’s role in producing the technology.

This symbiosis between the University and the City of Victor Harbor will aid in the development of relevant and applicable renewable energy solutions. These solutions are vital, if we want to reduce our dependence on non-renewable energy sources.

Roy Ramage and Jordan Parham

Roy Ramage from the City of Victor Harbor and Jordan Parham from the Environment Institute at the Local Government Renewable Energy Forum

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