Congratulations to our new Professors

Congratulations to Corey Bradshaw and David Chittleborough of the Environment Institute for their new professorships. Both were recognised for their contribution and achievements to research and teaching within the University.

Corey Bradshaw is the Director of the Marine Programme at The Environment Institute and have a joint appointment with the South Australian Research and Development Institute. He is employed through Marine Innovation South Australia. Corey’s research interests include population dynamics, extinction theory, sustainable harvest, climate change impacts on biodiversity, invasive species, and work on a variety of taxa from the Antarctic to the tropics.

David is a member of the Landscape Futures Program and the Water Research Centre at the Environment Institute. Overall David Chittleborough is interested in the origin, properties and distribution of soils and their management, particularly Australian soils and their properties, such as texture contrast and sodicity, which are manifest in such a wide variety of forms and which pose such a challenge for human habitation.

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