Mike Young comments on floodwater damming

In today’s Advertiser, Mike Young commented on the NSW’s government’s decision to retain floodwaters from the floods within the state.

The Advertiser claims floodwaters are being retained upstream in the Menindee Lakes near Broken Hill; potentially eliminating flows into South Australia. Irrigators and conservationists alike are calling for the release of flows downstream into the lower Murray-Darling river system. National agreements allow NSW to control allocation of 640 gigalitres of flows into the Murray-Darling River System before being required to release water downstream.

“University of Adelaide Environment Institute executive director Mike Young said existing regulations allowed NSW to fill dams and flood wetlands before water reached Menindee. “Investing in infrastructure means NSW and Victoria have a much greater capacity to run the system so that SA gets its absolute minimum,” Professor Young said. “The original spirit of the agreement was that the minimum was going to be the worst case (scenario). “The minimum is now the norm.” “

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Professor Young will also be appearing on Today Tonight at 630pm 6.01.2009.

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