Tom Blees in Australia.

Tom Blees the author of “Prescription for the planet”, will be in Australia in February. His book the “Prescription for the planet” presents a solution to the world’s energy and environmental crises. Tom is also the president of the Science Council for Global Initiatives, a new international Non-Governmental Organisation, creating the framework for the global energy revolution proposed in in his book. For twenty years Tom skippered a seasonal fishing boat on the Bering Sea, and led a diverse and adventurous life. He then founded a charitable organisation with his wife, to provide safe water supplies to villagers in Central America. While fundraising to launch this project, Tom discovered some lesser known technologies that if properly used, could have a profound global impact. After nearly ten years of research and working hand in hand with scientists who helped develop the core concepts, Blees wrote ‘Prescription for the Planet’.

Tom Blees will be in Australia during the first two weeks of February and throughout his stay he will speak about his book at functions in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Tom will speak at two functions in Adelaide, both open to the general public. The first event, hosted by the Royal Institution of Australia, in association with The Environment Institute, will be a discussion with Tom as he explains his thinking and outlines how a trio of little-known yet profoundly revolutionary technologies (such as the Integral Fast Reactor), coupled with their judicious use in an atmosphere of global cooperation, can solve the power, pollution and resource problems facing the world today. For more information about this event and to register your interest in attending, please click here.

The second event, presented by The Australian Solar Energy Society, Sustainable Populations Australia and The Zero Carbon Network, will see a debate on “Should we consider Nuclear Power as a response to climate chage?” with Mark Diesendorf and Helen Caldicott for the negative and Barry Brook and Tom Blees for the affirmitive. For more information about this event and to register your interest in attending, please click here.

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