The Nuclear Debate now available on SlowTV

Watch the Nuclear Debate held at The University of Adelaide, involving author Tom Blees, on SlowTV now.

Tom Blees, author of ‘Prescription for the Planet’ was recently in Australia speaking at events in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

While in Adelaide, Tom was involved in a debate on 5 February, presented by The Australian Solar Energy Society, Sustainable Populations Australia and The Zero Carbon Network. The debate focussed on the question of whether to pursue Nuclear Energy in Australia as a means of reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The panel consisted of Barry Brook and Tom Blees (affirmative) with Mark Diesendorf and David Noonan (negative). The event was held at The University of Adelaide.

Vision of this debate has now been made available by SlowTV. View the debate here.

Listen to the podcasts and relive this interesting debate here.

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