Is storm water flowing to sea really wasted?

A Water Wednesday forum will be held on March 24 to discuss: “Is storm water flowing to sea really wasted?”

This special forum will be presented by the Water Research Centre at the University of Adelaide on March 24, 2010.

Concerns about drought and water restrictions have heightened awareness of water spilling from storages when enough rain falls for water to flow into dams and eventually overflow. News crews scramble to get footage of water streaming over spillways, and letters to the editor express outrage that the government is allowing water to be wasted. But is it really wasted? When is it rainwater, when is it run-off and when is it storm water? How easy is it to capture storm water, store it, treat it and distribute it to consumers?

Speakers will talk about alternative water sources, where storm water fits in the mix of water sources, the process of storing water, options for capturing and recycling storm water, alternative sources and provision for environmental needs for flows downstream of dams.

Although admission is free, you will need to reserve a seat. For more information about the forum and to register online, please click here.

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