William Laurance “Amplify Your Voice” Podcasts Now Available

William Laurance “Amplify Your Voice” podcasts now available.

The Environment Institute hosted Distinguished Professor William Laurance in Adelaide between 29-31 March.

William Laurance is a leading conservation biologist who has worked internationally on numerous high-profile threats to tropical forests—in the Amazon, Central America, Africa, and Australasia. A highly prolific scientist, to date he has published five books and over 300 scientific articles. Professor Laurance has recently commenced a position as Distinguished Research Professor at James Cook University and is involved with the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama.

Whilst in Adelaide, William presented a number of talks at The University of Adelaide.

Please click on the links to access audio visual material from Amplify Your Voice and Diagnosis Critical.

William was also interviewed by ABC’s Carole Whitelock. Listen to William Laurance being interviewed by Carole Whitelock on ABC 891 here.
(Audio courtesy of ABC 891, Afternoons with Carole Whitelock)

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