Conservation jobs with the Environment Institute

Two conservation jobs have become available with the Global Ecology Group at the University of Adelaide.

This Australian Research Council-funded Discovery Project seeks to determine whether functional forms of spatially explicit population dynamics are generalisable across taxa with similar attributes and range limiting factors. By considering the effects of multiple interacting factors (biotic and abiotic) on the demographic determinants of species’ habitat suitability and geographic distributional limits, the research will provide a foundation on which to develop adaptive conservation strategies in response to the anticipated impacts of global change; examine the complexities and potentially irreducible uncertainties in forecasting and managing biodiversity; and identify limitations associated with different modelling approaches.

We are currently seeking two individuals for a Postdoctoral postion and a Research Associate position.

  • The Postdoctoral Fellow will be involved in statistical analysis of large databases, development of novel distribution and population modelling techniques, and a considerable amount of scenario development and sensitivity analysis.
  • The Research Associate will be involved in strategic fieldwork to parameterise range dynamics models for macropods across the tropical savannahs, collating relevant literature and database information on modelled species, estimating key demographic rates of focal species, assisting other project researchers in validating model projections and running simulations.

For more information about the Postdoctoral position or to apply please click here

For more information about the Research Associate position or to apply please click here

Closing date: 14 May 2010.

Your application should:

  • include your résumé/Curriculum Vitae
  • address the selection criteria
  • quote the relevant reference number
  • include residency status
  • include the names, addresses and/or email details of three referees

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