Corey Bradshaw and A World of Hurt

Listen to an AudioBoo sound bite of Corey Bradshaw being interviewed before his Research Tuesday. Corey talks about the human health implications of environmental degradations.

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  1. CJAB says:

    Apparently coming soon, Mike.

  2. There appears to be a conscious unwillingness among many too many experts, thought leaders and opinion makers to acknowledge in open discussion the utter seriousness of humanity’s global predicament, the consequences of which could be profound, and world-shattering in ways we cannot even imagine. That corporations keep growing toward the ‘Wall’ of unsustainability and governments continue to conspicuously ignore humanity’s predicament by failing to prepare the human family for the recognizable, human-driven effects of the human overpopulation of Earth in our time is the most unfortunate of human determinations. Somehow the “will” has to be summoned to begin coming to grips with the human-induced global challenges that loom so ominously before us.

    Individuals are called upon the reduce their ecological footprints and the family of humanity is implored to humanely limit the number of human feet on Earth.

    Whatsoever the odds, and no matter how daunting are the human-driven global challenges which loom so ominously before the family of humanity in our time, each one of us has undeniable responsibilities to assume and solemn duties to perform as best we can with the steadfast hope of making the world we inhabit a better place for the children to live in.