New discoveries in the Foja Mountains of New Guinea

Read about the new species recently discovered in the deep valleys and sheer cliffs of the Foja Mountains in New Guinea.

University of Adelaide Postgraduate Paul Oliver accompanied the team of biologists on the expedition to the Foja Mountains, with his work focussed on species of frogs and lizards.

“Among the dozen or so tents at Bog Camp was a large yellow one that served as a makeshift laboratory, where expedition biologists preserved skins, skeletons, whole animals, and bits of tissue to be taken away for later study and DNA analysis. Here, Kristofer Helgen (American Fulbright Scholar who completed his PhD in biology at the University of Adelaide) and Christopher Milensky of the Smithsonian Institution prepared, respectively, mammal and bird specimens, and Australian Paul Oliver worked on frogs and lizards.”

“Each day brought discovery and surprise, from the rare, indeed near-mythic, golden-mantled tree kangaroo (its scientific name is Dendrolagus pulcherrimus, which means “most beautiful tree hare”) to the bounty of moths…..collected every night, seeming to comprise every possible combination of shape and color.”

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