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New study ranks countries on environmental impact

A new study has ranked most of the world’s countries for their environmental impact. The research uses seven indicators of environmental degradation to form two rankings – a proportional environmental impact index, where impact is measured against total resource availability, and an absolute environmental impact index measuring total environmental degradation at a global scale. Led […]

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New Book Released “WHY vs WHY Nuclear Power”

A new book by Barry Brook and Ian Lowe titled WHY vs WHY Nuclear Power is now available in all good bookstores. WHY vs WHY™ is a series of small books that tackle both sides of hot topics that confront, confuse or trouble most people. In WHY vs WHY Nuclear Power, Prof. Barry Brook and […]

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Bringing back bits from the dead.

Mammoth haemoglobin has been successfully resurrected by a team including scientists from ACAD. Professor Alan Cooper, the Director of the Australian Centre for Ancient DNA was part of a team of scientists who have resurrected mammoth haemoglobin using ancient DNA preserved in 25,000 to 45,000 year old bones. Watch the clip below to learn how […]

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