Biggest ARC Linkage Grant Awarded

CET/School of Chemical Engineering have recently been awarded $460,000 in ARC Linkage funding.

Dr David Lewis and Associate Professor Peter Ashman from the CET/School of Chemical Engineering were awarded $460,000 in ARC Linkage funding for their project: “Energy from microalgae: industrial scale development and downstream processing of co-products”.

This was the biggest grant won at the University of Adelaide in the latest round announced yesterday.

In partnership with South Australian-based technology development company SQC Pty Ltd and Flinders University, Dr Lewis and colleagues will develop processes to produce renewable energy from microalgae grown in open saline ponds.

“Our work will lead to the sustainable production of commercial quantities of clean biofuels,” Dr Lewis says.

“Renewable energy is an essential part of Australia’s low greenhouse gas emissions energy target and is central to energy security. The development of microalgal energy will help Australia to reduce greenhouse gas and will provide benefits to energy industry.”

SQC Chairman Mr Ollie Clark AM says: “We’re delighted with today’s announcement. The research being conducted in this project will add considerably to the biofuels expertise here in South Australia, and the outcomes will be very important to the energy future of the state. We look forward to continuing our work with the universities on this initiative.”

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