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May saw the release of WHY vs WHY Nuclear Power by Professor Barry Brook and Professor Ian Lowe. The book released by Pantera Press examines the contentious issue of nuclear power from either end of the spectrum. Barry puts forward the case for the adoption of nuclear power in Australia in the Yes section, Ian from the Australian Conservation Foundation supplies the No arguement.

“WHY vs WHY is a unique series of small books that tackle both sides of the hot topics that confront, confuse or trouble most people. Making sense of everything. This series aims to present everything you need to know about a complex topic in an easy-to-read, jargon-free, 2-books-in-1 format… all in one handy, & pocket-sized place. Uniquely, this book presents both sides of the battle with equal prominence & space. Each side has its own front cover. But it’s you, the reader, who chooses who goes first. It’s part of Pantera Press’s push to foster debate in this rapidly changing & confusing world, covering a wide range of big issues… topics which for most of us have no simple, easy answers.

“In WHY vs WHY Nuclear Power, experts, Barry Brook & Ian Lowe, go head-to-head, each presenting 7 key reasons why you should say yes/no to nuclear power. After each author presents his arguments, his opponent tries to tear each of them apart, both in the book & on this website (with further rebuttals). For readers, this book aims to leave nothing unanswered. Barry & Ian are good writers with strong, well-argued opinions. Who will you agree with? Will one of them change your mind? Read the book & find out. In WHY vs WHY, you get both sides, so you can decide for yourself… The books are also a great tool to help you convince others, people who don’t see the light the way you do.”

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