Genographic Competition Winners!

The winners of our Genographic competition have been announced. Thanks to our partner IBM we gave 6 tweeters the opportunity to participate in the Genographic project. Tweeters were encouraged to follow @environmentinst on twitter and compose a tweet explaining who in history they would like to be related to and why. The winners received a free test kit to participate in the Genographic project.


  • @JB_FoS: ” Charles Babbage. I use a computer all day would be nice for a ancestor to have been there in the beginning :)”
  • @janebounds: “I’m interested in being related to Mozart – I could do with more musical ability!”
  • @willozap: “I’d love to find Neanderthal in me, or maybe Lord Nelson. Maybe both. Maybe a Neanderthal in Nelson’s clothes” @willozap is a science communicator
  • @sciencesarah: “I wish I was related to Rosalind Franklin an amazing woman who captured the 1st X-ray diffraction image of DNA double helix”
  • @ScientistMags: “I wonder if I’m related to Cai Shen (Bi Gan). The origin of my surname comes from Chinese royalty”
  • @noelprobert: “I would love to discover that I’m related to Sir Francis Drake, Elizabethan sea dog and Cornishman. If not any pirate will do”

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  1. James says:

    Wow my comment barely makes sense, Is that really what I wrote? Also what do I need to do now, do I need to pop down and pick it up or should I patiently await instructions 🙂