ERA results confirm Environment Institute’s research is at the highest international level

ERA results confirm Environment Institute’s research is at the highest international level.

On Monday 24 January 2011 the Federal Government released the results of the Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) exercise. This was an assessment of the quality of research in all subjects in all Australian universities. The outcome for the Environment Institute at the University of Adelaide was outstanding – with scores of 5, the maximum possible score, awarded for the overarching areas of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sciences as well as 5s in the following discipline areas:

  • Evolutionary Biology
  • Plant Biology
  • Geology

A score of 5 is defined by ERA as indicating the research is well above world standard. A score of 4 (above world standard) was awarded to other disciplines within the Environment Institute, such as:

  • Ecology
  • Genetics
  • Anthropology
  • Environmental Sciences and Management
  • Biochemistry and Cell Biology

The full list of all scores can be found at the ERA website.

These outcomes confirm that the Environment Institute’s research is at the highest international level and secures its reputation as a base for outstanding earth and environmental research in Australia.

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