Seaweek – Spotlight on Marine Science

March 6-12 is Seaweek – “Spotlight on Marine Science”

March 6-12 is Seaweek, this year’s theme is ‘Spotlight on Marine Science’. Seaweek profiles marine science endeavours exploring the earth’s least understood habitat, the marine environments of the world. The theme also provides a focus for students in schools and for communities to inform and inspire them about the significance and value of research on marine and coastal environments. Through a spotlight on the work of scientists we can learn more about our marine environment to understand its complex ecosystems and become better equipped to preserve it.

To celebrate Seaweek, the Environment Institute will be posting two guest blog posts during the week from researchers at the University of Adelaide, Ana Sequeira and Guanfang Su. Ana will be giving us an insight into her research on how whale shark distribution might be shifting according to seasonal environmental predictors and Guanfang will tell us more about her research on predicting distributional shifts of large marine vertebrates around Australia.

Look out for these guest posts…and happy Seaweek!

Visit the Seaweek website for more information.

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