The Australian Government’s Climate Change Plan – Securing a Clean Energy Future

The Australian Government presented, on July 10, its plan on the Carbon Price for the 2012 – 2015 period and beyond. The plan, Clean Energy Future, is designed to transition Australia to a clean economy through four key initiatives – carbon pricing, renewable energy, energy efficiency and land management.

Key elements of the plan are what determine the pricing, coverage, emissions reductions, offsets, government programs and expenditure, economic impacts, and governance. The full outline – with some detail in the appendices – is here (pdf).

Some stand out elements, in addition to the carbon price, include $13 billion clean energy investment. The Land Sector component provides opportunities for the agriculture and forestry sectors to reduce their emissions, incentives for biodiversity protection, research and extension in carbon farming, and funding for NRM planning.

Some early reactions to the plan include Australian Economists: “Fifty nine per cent … agreed or agreed strongly that Labor’s carbon price package was “good” policy,” Article here.

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