Homage to an Avant‐Garde Conservation Leader, Navjot Sodhi

In the recently published book Conservation Biology for All (2010, Oxford University Press), homage is given to the late Navjot Sodhi.

Navjot Sodhi was an influential contributor in Southeast Asian conservation biology, recognised for his efforts to exposing the pace at which biodiversity is being imperiled in that region. A key authority in innovative and basic conservation research, he drove novel research and publishing on most aspects of tropical ecology and conservation.

In the book Conservation Biology for All, which features research by some of the most influential contributors in the field, one of Navjot Sodhi’s greatest editorial achievements on the core principles of conservation science is included. Read more about this book here.

Amongst those who pay homage to the late Navjot Sodhi are Corey J. A. Bradshaw and Barry W. Brook from the Environment Institute, University of Adelaide. Read more

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