Producing more food with fewer Resources – AG Institute Forum

The Ag Institute of Australia is delighted to present a forum of key importance to Australian agriculture, agribusinesses and those who advise them on Tuesday 29 November 2011. Future food production from agriculture faces many challenges. Pressures from competition for arable land and water resources, energy costs, access to water and climate variability are increasing. We must produce more food and deliver it to more people, locally and internationally, while protecting the environment that supports food production. Markets are demanding more food of higher nutritional quality, while agricultural input resources are becoming scarcer. Government responses to energy and climate issues, such as the carbon tax, add yet another dimension. Australian agriculture, with its dependence on fossil fuel energy, will be challenged increasingly by these changing factors.

We are all connected to our arable land, and our whole natural environment, through food. We need to ensure that farming and its service industries remain profitable and ecologically sustainable. This affects those in finance, succession planning, legal professions and real estate as well as those in agri-consulting, commodity trading, agribusiness and government policy.

This Forum features speakers who will illustrate the threats and challenges and also some of the potential responses and opportunities. Together we can respond positively if we have the facts. This is your chance to get those facts.

When: Tuesday 29th November
Time: 9:15-16:00
Where: SARDI Plant Research Centre, Waite Campus

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